Graceful Living

Plato says that philosophy is training for death.  This is so true.  We should be able to die with grace and dignity and at peace with ourselves.  It is important to die well.  But it is equally important to live well.  For we cannot die well, unless we live well.  Philosophy thus should be a training for life.  What does it mean to live well?  It means to do justice to our evolutionary potential.  It means to experience consciously spiritual aspects of our life and to allow these aspects to blossom.  It means to contribute to the well-being of others.  It means to have a good trail behind your existence and, if possible, to leave a positive trace of your existence.  It means to live in peace with yourself and with the world.  In brief, to live well, is to live life in joy, gently celebrating your humanity.

Henryk Skolimowski in Philosophy as a Training for Life as quoted in Speaking Tree